How to Deal With Politically Induced Stress—Because It's Definitely a Thing


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Feeling stressed for no apparent reason? Us too. And this time, Mercury is not in retrograde. Thousands of Americans are feeling an undercurrent of anxiety and tension in their lives right now, and according to mental health experts, the country's traumatic political climate is definitely at play.

"Our country's current political state is creating a lot of stress because divisive decisions about big issues are being made every day," explains Erin Stair, MD, founder of NYC-based wellness company Blooming Wellness. Add to that the drama of social media, where "alternative facts" are thrown around like softballs, plus, I don't know, the constant threat of nuclear war, and it becomes really hard to know who and what to trust. "Uncertainty creates anxiety, and anxiety leads to paranoia, sleepless nights, breathing issues, social isolation, and more," explains Stair. It's a wonder we don't all live at our therapist's office.

This is all to say that politically induced stress is a legitimate thing. And according to David Ezell, clinical director at Darien Wellness, a mental wellness group in Connecticut, it all stems from one main source: control. "Recognize what you can control and change that to make your life better," Ezell says—that's the key to overcoming this fun new breed of anxiety.

Of course, it's hard to know exactly how to recognize what we can't control and change what we can. That's where our experts come in. Keep scrolling for their best advice on how to deal with our clusterf*ck of a political situation in a healthy way.