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A Chanel Brow Expert Says This Is How to Darken Your Brows Naturally

As a woman whose natural eyebrows could be best described as translucent, I understand the magical powers of eyebrows better than most. The first time I had them tinted, I experienced a revelation. Suddenly, the world was a much brighter place. My makeup looked better. My face—who knew it had such symmetrical proportions? I kid (sort of), but in all seriousness, tinted brows can be majorly transformative. Even if you don't have super-blonde brows like me, brow tinting can help your brows look fuller and draw attention to your perfectly-framed eyes.

Many eyebrow dyes contain chemicals, though, and if you're moving toward a cleaner beauty routine, you're probably looking to darken your eyebrows in a more natural way. Read below for our tips on how to darken your eyebrows naturally.

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rainbow Henna

Henna is a super-popular natural eyebrow tint on Instagram, and we can understand why. It can be done at home or in a professional setting, and most proponents report that it lasts for about two weeks. Brow expert Jimena Garcia says that one of the major drawbacks of using henna is that it takes roughly an hour to set in, which is why most technicians don't use henna on clients. However, if you're at home watching re-runs or enjoying a good book, that hour might fly by!

Meet the Expert

Jimena Garcia is a celebrity esthetician and brow specialist for Chanel.

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It's also difficult to know how it will react to your hair, she adds. Since henna is typically derived from burgundy or red, it will fade quickly. While upkeep may be more frequent, henna is the best option if you are looking for a 100% natural way to darken your eyebrows. Even vegetable-based dyes contain some chemicals, Garcia explains.

Avoid over-cleansing around the eyebrow area to keep henna from fading too fast.

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For more on brow henna, check out these mesmerizing photos of DIY brow-tinting transformations.


Coffee for brows
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Another natural dye option may already be waiting for you in your kitchen. Mixing together coconut oil, coffee grounds, cocoa powder, and honey is a popular brow-tinting DIY among the blogger set. Many swear by this blend to give their brows a hint of color without using any chemicals. 

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The most popular application appears to be using an angled brush to apply a good amount of the solution to your brows. Once the application is complete, clean up any stray pigment with a Q-tip. Let it set for 20 minutes, then rinse any lingering solution off completely. Ta-da! Fuller-looking, darker brows—without the chemicals.

How to get fuller brows

A DIY Quick Fix

Now Solutions

If you're looking for a temporary natural solution to darken your brows, Garcia offered up this tip: Mix aloe gel or castor oil with a natural eye shadow, then apply it to your brows with a spoolie. It's like a customized, all-natural Boy Brow that tints your brows while also conditioning them.

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