4 Genius Ways to Customize Your Makeup With One Product

Makeup is a work in progress. Putting it on, taking it off, blotting, batting, pinching, swiping, dabbing… You get it. Once you think you’ve got it down pat, a dozen other methods and hacks of the trade pop up for you to master. The incredible part is that learning new ways to whip up your look can be fun. That’s what Cover FX Global Ambassador, Derek Selby, is here to prove with the season’s must-add-to-cart product—Custom Cover Drops. 

Scroll to find out four ways you can mix this product with beauty and skincare favorites you already own to create a flawless face for fall.

“Custom Cover Drops give you complete control of the amount of coverage you choose. They mix with any oil-, water-, or silicone-based product (your primer, moisturizer, serum, etc.). You can create the sheerest of tints to total coverage foundation from this one little bottle.”

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops $44

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops ($44)

“I like two drops of Custom Cover Drops in Calming Primer. Apply all over the face. On top, add a little concealer under the eyes to create a natural polished look. A little mascara and lip gloss, and you're set!"

Cover FX Calming Primer $38

Cover FX Calming Primer ($38)

“Add one drop of Custom Cover Drops to your moisturizer. This will give the sheerest of tint but diffuse redness. Even those with beautiful skin need a little help to camouflage shadows or imperfections.”

Cover FX E+ Chamomile Calming Serum $48

“You can increase the coverage of your favorite liquid makeup or your BB or CC cream by adding a couple of drops.”

Cover FX BB Gel Mattifying Anti-Blemish Treatment $45

“Our Custom Blending Brush is designed to give an easy and quick application of Custom Cover Drops. The domed shape perfectly picks up the product from the palm of your hand. For best results, apply your beauty product of choice in the palm of your hand. Drop desired amount of Custom Cover Drops, and mix to transform your base into a custom blend. Dip the Custom Blending Brush into your formula and apply as needed.”

Cover FX Custom Blending Brush $40

Cover FX Custom Blending Brush ($40)

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