How to Make Your Curls Last All Day Without Hair Spray

I've never been much of a hair person. Growing up, my mom always put me in cute little braids and ringlet curls that I'd usually fight her over, so she eventually gave up and passed the torch (er, hairbrush) on to me. From then on, I wore one of three styles: messy bun, half ponytail, or down and straight. By college, there was a lot of bad boxed dye and scrunched hair (read: brassy and brittle), so I eventually accepted that I'd always have mediocre hair. Fast-forward to a few years, some YouTube tutorials, and an upgrade in curling irons later, and I finally started liking my mane. I was pretty good at curling my friends' hair and mine, but I'd always follow it up with a ton of hair spray to make it last the whole night (i.e., crunchy and crispy).

Then, one day, my usual method of hair curling as I knew it changed forever. I eagerly watched on my computer screen as I saw one of my favorite vloggers curling her hair, but instead of starting from the ends and rolling up as I typically did, she began in the middle. The result? Perfectly wavy curls that I needed to re-create immediately. With the firm believe that knowing how to curl your hair properly is a skill every woman should have, I'm sharing my newly acquired technique. Want to learn how to curl your hair and make it last? Take a look at the method in GIF form:


Granted, this look is more for loose beachy curls instead of tight ringlets, so if a bouncier curl is what you're looking to achieve, a wrapping method around a smaller barrel would serve you better. However, if you're like me and enjoy a more undone look, I highly recommend this method. See below for a step-by-step explanation!

There! Mastering how to curl your hair wasn't so bad, was it? Try my technique out and share your results below!

This post was originally published on February 24, 2016.