How to Conceal Under-Eye Bags: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Under-eye bags are one of those universal beauty problems that seem to affect everyone—at one point or another, at least. While puffiness can certainly be a result of lack of sleep, it can also be genetic, which means that no amount of under eye gels, cooling creams, or jade rolling can truly cure the issue. But what can be done is a little magic with makeup. Ahead, celebrity makeup artist Carissa Ferreri shares her step-by-step tutorial for covering under-eye bags with makeup.

Meet the Expert

Carissa Ferreri is a celebrity makeup artist with clients among the likes of Ashley Graham, Hannah Brown, Gina Rodriguez, and more.

De-Puff With Under Eye Gels

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Before we get started with makeup, Ferreri recommends de-puffing the area as much as possible with a set of cooling under eye gels. Keep them in the fridge for at least 15 minutes, then place them on your under eyes for an instant cooling effect that can help de-puff (think of it like applying an ice pack to a swollen injury). Pro tip: if you don't have eye gels, you can cut up a sheet mask for some DIY patches.

Apply an Eye Moisturizer

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Flawless makeup starts with a healthy, hydrated base. Prior to concealer application, give your under eyes some TLC with a quality moisturizer. The skin under your eyes is much thinner than the rest of your face, so be sure to use an actual eye cream, which is specifically formulated to treat this delicate area. Regular facial moisturizers tend to be too heavy for your under eyes, further weighing the area down. Optionally, you can also use a jade roller to help press the product further into the skin. If you choose this step, just be sure to roll in upward, outward motions for a lifting effect.

Apply a Full-Coverage, Cream Concealer

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"I'm going to start using the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer," Ferreri says. "This product is amazing for coverage, but the key is to use it very sparingly. This color is a number nine and I love this color for so many reasons and on so many skin tones because it has a very warm peachiness to it. This is going to be great for covering the dark circles."

Layer a Highlighting Wand Over Your Concealer

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For added brightening, Ferreri recommends going over your concealer with a highlighting wand, choosing a shade and formula that isn't sparkly or overly reflective.

Step Five: Finish Off With a Liquid Concealer

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"First cream, then highlight, then liquid," says Ferreri. Once you've applied a creamy consistency concealer and layered a highlight over top, finish brightening that under eye area with a liquid concealer. For this step, you don't need to layer over the entire area where you've already applied product. "Just focus on where you really need it, which is usually right in the inner corner, says Ferreri." She recommends setting the area with a translucent or illuminating setting powder.

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