How to Cover Your Under-Eye Circles, According to a Legendary Makeup Artist


Lisa Eldridge

Almost two decades ago, Lisa Eldridge was one of the first makeup artists to have a stand-alone website. Now, she's staked her claim not only as one of the most celebrated artists in the industry—painting the faces of everyone from Bella Hadid and Kim Kardashian West to Bianca Jagger and Kate Moss—but also as one of the most accessible. Eldridge creates well-lit, easy-to-follow YouTube tutorials so followers and fans can tune in and learn to get each look.

It's genius, when you think about it, to be both editorial and available to the masses. I'll never forget the first video of Eldridge's I watched, an easy guide to re-creating Kendall Jenner's smoky eye, during which I learned to properly highlight and contour my face in seconds flat. That's after years of failed attempts. With each precise, meticulous flick of the wrist or stroke of her brush, the entire thing was as mesmerizing as it was educational.

Growing up, Lisa Eldridge split her time between New Zealand and Liverpool, England. She always loved textures and colors, but she never knew that "being a makeup artist" was a thing. Eldridge spoke of her long-time signature style with Into the Gloss, "I had a set philosophy about makeup from the beginning that's never really changed. I love faces. When I'm out and about, I'm looking at people all the time and see so much detail. Every face is gorgeous. I don't see the negatives. I think, 'What about these amazing eyes or this beautiful bone structure?' I still feel excited about that now, 20 years later."

Throughout her decorated career, Eldridge has lived and worked in Paris, New York City, and L.A. "I don't really have an average day," she says. "It really varies from an early call time on editorial shoots, packing for red carpets, or going to my studio to work on collections and tutorials." Now based in London, she works as Lancôme's global makeup creative director, where she creates products and collections that embody her trademark "fresh and flawless" vibe.

"I love it because it's all about enhancing your skin rather than covering it up," Eldridge says of the effortless glow she creates. "But, at the same time, selectively concealing anything you don't like. The end result feels much fresher than heavy foundation as you don't have that flat, blanket coverage. It's much less aging too. Thin layers are the best way to create it, build up coverage gradually where needed, and buff well. Finish with smart concealing. Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Longwear Cushion Foundation ($47) is a great foundation to achieve this look."

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