Ask a Makeup Artist: What’s The Best Way To Really Cover Acne Scars?

Ever have a makeup question that requires the expert guidance of a professional? Your prayers are answered. In our Ask a Makeup Artist series, celebrity makeup artist Wendy Rowe (who’s worked with Sienna Miller, Olivia Wilde, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, as well as fashion brands like Burberry) will tackle the burning beauty questions we all want the answers to.

What’s the best way to cover up acne scars, so they really disappear?

Start off easy. Begin by applying a light-coverage foundation over the whole face. Then, you can go back over the areas with acne scarring using a maximum-coverage foundation. Your skin tone will be even, but it won’t look masked in foundation.

Next, cover up spots that are still visible. For a natural finish when applying your concealer, apply it directly to the scar and blend out, covering a slightly larger area than the scar itself. Use a small concealer brush, so your application’s more precise.

And here’s the secret: if you have scarring that has caused a depression or darker skin, use a product that’s slightly lighter than your true match shade. This will slightly lift the scar up to the same lightness as the rest of your skin, giving the appearance of a more even surface.

Flip through for everything you need to try the technique!

Light-Coverage Foundation: Smashbox Liquid Halo HD Foundation ($42)

Heavy-Duty Concealer: Cover FX Cream Concealer ($27)

Precision Brush: Sigma Beauty F68 Pin-Point Concealer ($14)

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