A Celebrity Makeup Artist Reveals the RIGHT Way to Cover a Zit

Zits, spots, pimples, blemishes, life-ruiners…whatever you call them, we all know exactly how much they suck. You can blame your diet, stress, or your skincare regimen, but sometimes these pesky bumps just pop up out of the blue for no reason whatsoever—like that time your college roommate’s long-distance boyfriend decided to show up and surprise her for an entire week. All we can say is thank god for concealer. Except for, well, when it doesn’t seem to do its job. You dab, press, and blend, your desperation growing with each new layer, and your zit is still completely visible—sometimes even more obvious—and you have nothing to do but crawl back under the covers and pray for a miracle.

To ensure a pesky zit never, ever derails your plans again, we spoke with celebrity makeup artist Brett Freedman and asked him to explain the right way to hide a pimple (because experience has taught us that there’s definitely a wrong way). Considering he consistently gives celebs like Amy Poehler and Camilla Belle red-carpet-worthy skin, we’re going to take his word on this one. Keep scrolling to find out exactly how to cover a blemish, the makeup artist way!