How to Win When PMS Food Cravings Strike

If you're anything like me, the onset of PMS is no cakewalk. Or walk in the park. It's more accurately like eating the full cake (and pizza, and burger)—without any walking. I try my best to be healthy, but sometimes it feels like my period undoes literally all the progress I've made in the month—like three weeks of healthy living is undone and derailed by one week of monster cravings and lack of inactivity due to feeling like crap. So when I had the opportunity to pick the brains of Byrdie's newest contributors, fitness trainers and lifestyle motivators Karena and Katrina of Tone It Up, you better believe I asked them for their tips on conquering PMS cravings. They're obviously doing something right—just look at those bodies! So keep scrolling for the info you need to feel empowered and in control when that time of the month hits, instead of the other way around.