How to Kick Your Annoying Allergies to the Curb Once and for All


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While we couldn't be more thrilled for the arrival of spring, we can't say the same for our sinuses. If you also suffer from sniffles and sneezes due to an uptick in pollen count, you're probably wondering how to make it stop. In an effort to thwart annoying allergy symptoms, we reached out to Dr. Mia Finkelston, board certified family physician who treats patients via telehealth app, LiveHealth Online for some helpful tips on how to control allergies.

April marks the start of allergy season, aka the time of year when your nose won't stop running, eyes won't stop itching, and the sneezing is excessive. To help get you through the month, Finkelston has given us some inside tips on how to alleviate stubborn allergy symptoms. From using cucumber eye masks to enjoying a warm shower, there are plenty of ways in which we can keep our allergies in check. For a doctor's suggestions on how to control allergies, keep on reading.