How To Contour Your Face: A Celeb Makeup Artist Spills

To kick off our brand new how-to series, we’ve selected one of the most requested topics: contour! To show us the ropes, we’ve tapped celebrity makeup artist Lauren Andersen, who, besides being insanely beautiful and awesome, is one of the most talented artists working today. (She is often responsible for Jessica Alba, Emmy Rossum, Jaime King, and Reese Witherspoon's killer red carpet makeup.) In our new series, she's walking us through all her expert tips and tricks, in easy step-by-step tutorials.

Contour, also called shading, has gained a lot of attention over the past year or so, but it’s actually a trick that makeup artists have been using forever. Using two different hues of strategically applied, thoroughly blended face makeup, you can define your bone structure. (Contour will make your nose appear smaller, cheekbones more pronounced, jaw more angular, forehead smaller, and eyes bigger.) With practice, you can change the shape of your face with makeup.

Today we’ll start with the basics of contouring, broken down into 10 easy steps. Click through our slideshow for exactly how to pull it off!