3 Must-Know Contouring Tips for Round Faces

Kylie-worthy #selfies aside, the whole point of contouring is to slim, shade, and sculpt the face—making it perfect for those with round faces or anyone looking to create cheekbones where there are none. The only problem is contouring a rounder face requires a slightly different technique than adding definition to an already-angular one; the requisite sucked-in-cheeks fish-face method won’t do the trick. With that in mind, we caught up with celebrity makeup artist and Dior Beauty brand ambassador Daniel Martin and asked him to share his sculpting secrets for those of us with faces on the “angle-free” side of the spectrum. With a client list that includes Kate Bosworth, Mindy Kaling, and Elizabeth Moss, Martin is a pro at the art of subtle contour—and we’re taking his word as gospel. To cheekbones for all!

Keep scrolling for three must-know contouring tips for women with round faces!