How to Color Your Own Hair and Make It Look Like a Pro Did It



Maintaining hair color takes some serious dedication. With the not-so-chill lives we live, adding a trip to the salon to our schedule can feel like an infeasible chore. Depending on the vibrancy of your dye job and how fast your hair grows, you have to make time for root touch-ups every five to six weeks while keeping your hair hydrated with super-moisturizing products. In short, the upkeep is real. When you don’t have the time or a pretty penny to spend on a color appointment, you can get your hands dirty and do it yourself.

A DIY dye job might sound scary, but it’s shockingly simple. It takes a little research, a trip to your local drugstore, and a few crucial steps. Wondering how to color your own hair? We tapped three top hair colorists to give us the lowdown on how to achieve salon-worthy hair color at home.

Read on for tried-and-true tips to get the hair color you’ve been wanting.