5 Ways to Use the Internet to Get Better Skin

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We're busy people, and, as such, can't always find time to hit up our dermatologists for every question and product recommendation we're after. That being said, we somehow find a massive amount of time to scroll through Instagram and peruse the internet. So, naturally, I thought it time to marry the two and get my skincare advice from the web.

While nothing should replace your visits to the dermatologist (skin checks are really important), various outlets make it much easier to get your footing when you're purchasing products. Here are five unusual ways to make your skin clearer, brighter, and healthier by prowling the internet.

1. Secret Facebook Groups

I had no idea these things existed (which, I guess is the point) until a co-worker turned me on to them. On Facebook, there are thousands of secret groups spanning any topic you can imagine. Most notable for skin advice is The Beauty Line, The Thirty Wellness Club, Beauty and Style Friendship Club, and The Council. In each, there are thousands of members who care just as much about beauty as you do—with helpful posts about experiences, products, and treatments. Each one is a totally open, judgment-free zone where I've received some of the most helpful skincare advice to date. Members include industry professionals and anyone else who has an insatiable curiosity and love for beauty.

Origins Eye Cream - How to Get Clear Skin
Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream $32

Had it not been for my participation in the Beauty Line, I never would have found my ride-or-die brightening eye cream, Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream ($32). It's the only product that's ever helped my dark circles.

2. Personalized Online Quizzes

For all those times you've wanted to purchase a product but weren't sure if it was for you. Renée Rouleau's website offers a skin type quiz that has you fill out a series of questions to pinpoint your exact skin type. Then, it offers up the products that would work best for you. Similarly, Skin Inc. has a quiz that records your skin concerns and puts together a bespoke serum to address it. Each one offers detailed explanations that are incredibly helpful in ordering the right products and even more helpful in understanding your skin and why it behaves the way it does.

Vitamin A Serum - How to Get Clear Skin
Skin Inc. Vitamin A Serum Even Tone & Reduce Dark Circles $35

Skin Inc. prescribed me a personalized serum that mixed both vitamin A (for dark circles and redness) with French pine bark to protect against environmental stressors.

3. Beauty Websites

Of course, I'm partial to the information we report here on Byrdie, as I've learned so much not only from research for my own articles, but from reading those posted by other editors. But, even besides Byrdie, there is so much to consume from beauty websites. Each day, new and interesting advice, studies, and personal accounts are published to help you navigate the often saturated waters of the beauty industry. My advice? Subscribe to newsletters, add sites to your bookmarks, and check back regularly for help with many different skincare ailments and products.

Charcoal Mask - How to Get Clear Skin
May Lindstrom The Problem Solver Correcting Masque $100

I first read about May Lindstrom products here on Byrdie (our news editor Victoria, along with a slew of other readers are staunch devotees). Aptly named The Problem Solver, this particular product does just about everything you might need—detoxifies skin, tightens pores, fights blemishes, and promotes circulation. It warms as you apply it to your skin and then it tingles for as long as you leave it on (I go for about 30 minutes for a superior detox).

4. Non-Beauty Websites

The shocking thing, however, is there is much to be learned from sites that aren't specific to beauty or skincare. Reddit, for example, has weird and wonderful tips about everything from using safflower oil as part of your skincare routine to using nipple cream as a lip balm. There are even specific threads, called subreddits, that personalize the information based on what you're looking for.

Glycerin - how to get clear skin
Africare 100% Glycerin $8

A user mentioned trying glycerin in your bath to deeply moisturize without making your skin too oily. I've been doing it ever since and my body feels baby soft each time.

5. Reviews

Reviews are an incredibly helpful way to decide which products are worth your money. They're unbelievably honest. Before purchasing anything, look up user reviews on sites like Amazon, Sephora, or even right here on Byrdie (we have an often updated series called Reviewed where we detail our experiences with new and interesting products). If you're stuck, there's no question it will help clear things up for you.

Skinceuticals CE Ferulic $166

The first time I read about my beloved CE Ferulic ($166), I deep-dove into reviews all over the internet. I'm not usually apt to spend so much on one product, but, as every single reviewer mentioned, this one is absolutely worth it. Use it to prevent aging, brighten, tighten, tone, and protect.

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