School of Yoga: How to Master Chaturanga

Updated 09/07/17
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Chaturanga is a key yoga move to master. Why? This reverse push-up plays a role in sun salutations, a yoga asana (or series of poses) that is often used as the warm-up in a class. The movement from downward dog through reverse push-up into a plank and down to the floor works to strengthen your triceps and core when performed properly. 

You only have to take one look at our yoga contributor, Shona Vertue, to know that this move works. Below, Vertue takes you through the pitfalls many of us can face when getting to grips with this move so you can ensure that you're maximising the benefits by doing it well.

Keep scrolling to watch Shona Vertue's School of Yoga Chaturanga how-to video.

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