Just Lightened Your Strands? 7 Tips You Need to Know

Opting for lighter—and subsequently, beachy-er—strands during the summer is about as common as trading your skinny jeans and scarves for cut-off shorts and floral minis. It’s just a fact of life, so if you’re going to do it, you should do it right. And unfortunately, for anyone who has gone lighter and experienced the dryness and change in hair texture that comes with it, it can be a tricky one to navigate. Rather than put your hair in your go-to topknot yet another day, why not heal your strands and let your (chemically) lightened hair fly?

We caught up with master colorist Joel Warren, co-founder of Warren-Tricomi salons and a go-to for celebs like Jessica Alba and Kate Beckinsale, and asked him to share his best color-saving tips. From pool prep to special shower heads, keep scrolling for seven tips you should know!