7 Ways to NEVER Pay Full Price for Beauty Products Again

It might be hyperbolic to compare buying beauty products to something as monumental as, say, deciding between job offers—but we’re going to do it anyway. There’s the initial discontent with your current situation, the slow but steady stream of research of what else is out there, the “interview” (aka visiting a counter to try the actual products), and the final, determined decision. Part of the reason buying products can feel so emotionally draining is because, usually, doing so drains another part of your life: your wallet. Basically, buying beauty products can get expensive as hell, with even the most devout drugstore devotee known to splurge on a particularly tempting luxury product (or two, or three…).

Here’s a little secret: There is another way. Many other ways, in fact. Ahead, we’re sharing seven insider tips for our fellow product junkies—tips that will ensure you never shell out for a full-priced product ever again. A bold claim, yes, but one we’ll firmly stand behind. Now, who wants to plan a makeup shopping date?

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