The Workout You Need to Burn Off Your Holiday Drink of Choice


F. Flatau

The other week at Byrdie HQ, we had an anonymous gift exchange. (I received a lovely Diptyque Feu de Bois Wood Fire Scented Candle, $32.) Before the exchange, we each filled out a survey about our gift preferences, and one of the questions was "What is your favorite thing about the holidays?" My answer was none other than holiday drinks.

Spiked hot chocolate, hot toddies, and champagne are all so cozy and fun. The problem, of course, is that holiday drinks can be your fitness undoing. "When it comes to alcohol, it is not as simple as calories in … calories out," explains Kathleen Trotter, a personal trainer and fitness expert. "Consuming alcohol can actually encourage fat storage." Only the liver has the specific enzymes needed to break down alcohol. "And unfortunately, the liver carries out its job at a fixed rate," Trotter says. That rate equals about one drink per hour, which you should use as a guide.

"The main takeaway here is, sure, have a few holiday treats—life is worth living—but if you drink, have a moderate portion," Trotter says. With moderation in mind, you should be able to burn off those delicious holiday beverages. And with the help of Trotter, plus two other trusted fitness experts, we've put together a tongue-in-cheek guide to which exercises you'll need to do it.

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