New Study: Exercising Turns Your Fat Into "Smart Fat"


Urban Outfitters

So apparently exercising is even better for you than we thought. Aside from the general benefits of living a healthy lifestyle, a new study shows the more you exercise, the more efficient your metabolism is too.

It's a lot of science talk, but essentially, exercise actually changes the types of fat cells we have from inactive (white cells) to active (brown cells)—which means they burn quicker. This is fantastic news. Huffington Post explains, "Brown fat helps the body burn calories rather than storing them. And brown fat has previously been shown to improve other aspects of our metabolism, too, including insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance, which are known to help ward off obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

This is all proof that exercise and weight loss don't just come down to how many calories you burned in each workout class, but rather the way your body responds to consistent exercise. Basically, your body is paying you a solid for all your hard work at the gym. "Love yourself" has a whole new meaning, doesn't it? Now grab your favorite water bottle and start moving.

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