Want to Burn Fat More Efficiently? Here's Everything You Need


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Anyone who has dabbled with a ketogenic diet can attest that it's not for the faint of heart. Any clean-eating plan requires a certain amount of commitment, but keto is next-level—for it to really work, it requires an extremely low consumption of carbs, along with moderate protein and an emphasis on healthy fats. But if you strike that macronutrient balance just right, the discipline is well worth it: With far fewer carbs available to your body to burn for energy, it torches fat instead. The fact that it's rapidly becoming one of the most popular diet plans of the moment speaks to how effective it is.

Still, getting started is a large part of the battle. "Getting into ketosis takes diligence," says nutritionist (and Byrdie contributor) Kelly LeVeque. "It can take anywhere from two to seven days for your body to get into ketosis, and one meal with dense carbohydrates can easily kick you out of it. Your body will always prioritize using glucose for fuel, so this diet really isn't for someone looking for a quick fix." Think you have the patience for it? Read ahead to learn exactly what tools you need to tackle keto like a pro.

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This post was originally published on May 18, 2016.