Meet the Natural Products That Are Changing the Skincare Game

For summer, we’re running a series showcasing the skincare products of our most-loved beauty influencers and what they’re buying at Sephora. Each week, we’re sending our favorite gurus to their local stores to document their entire shopping sprees on Byrdie’s Snapchat. Make sure to tune in each Saturday to follow along, and check back here monthly to see (and shop!) the items that made it into their Sephora carts. Enjoy.

Say goodbye to the days when natural products had to prove that they could be just as luxurious (and effective) as their non-natural counterparts. As consumers continue to become more conscious about the ingredients they’re putting on their skin, formulas continue to improve—and we’re not the only ones who think so.

Health and beauty experts Sophie Jaffe, Kia Marie, Lindsey Calla, and Lee Tilghman were game to share their latest natural skincare picks with us, and they’re offering up eight must-try products featuring naturally derived ingredients that harness the power of plants. Don't know where to start on your natural journey? With the help of our experts, you’ll find the natural products that are right for your lifestyle and skin concerns.