5 Trainer-Approved Ways to Build Your Endurance

Have you ever found yourself winded from climbing the stairs? You're not alone. Whether you're an avid runner or a person who enjoys a long walk once or twice a week, endurance plays a big part in both our daily lives and our fitness routines. To help increase our stamina, we reached out to Ben Wegman, trainer at The Fhitting Room, for his expert opinion on how to build endurance.

Just as the act of working out is important, so too is increasing our stamina. According to Wegman, endurance is a significant part of any physical activity, as it "increases the amount of oxygen in the body, therefore increasing or boosting your ability to perform an exercise for a longer period of time." Be it carrying groceries into the house or running a marathon, endurance activities benefit "every aspect of your life," says the trainer. For Wegman's tips on how to build stamina, keep on reading.