These Genius Blow-Dry Hacks Actually Make It Super Easy

Call us old fashioned, but little says party hair to us quite like a bouncy blowout. But the question still remains: How to blow-dry your hair like a professional while standing in your bathrobe at the bedroom mirror? Fear not folks, we’ve got this covered. Whether your hair is fine and in need of volume, curly and prone to frizz, or just too long or thick to blow-dry without getting a real sweat on, we’ve got insider hacks for you.

To get the real tricks professionals use, we went straight to the source. Cue 21 blow-dry tips from IRL hairstylists. Keep scrolling for the DIY blow-dry tips that’ll turbocharge your party hair.

Blow-Dry Hacks: Thick Hair

how to blow dry hair: thick hair

"Always prep the hair before styling. Use a blow dry lotion, like my Lee Stafford Coco Loco Blow &Go Nuts Genius Lotion, to smooth and prime the hair, while also acting as a heat protection and humidity barrier. This won't only make blow-drying your hair easier but it means your style will last longer too. Win win!”—Lee Stafford

"A good tip for any hair type is to prepare by rough-drying most of the water out with a heat-protecting spray on the hair, and then add your chosen styling products with hold before your focused blow-dry. This way you save time and get the most out of your products." — Essi Karjalainen, D&J Ambrose

"A great cheat is to only blow-dry the top of your hair. It saves time and you won't look too 'done', either. Think of the top section of your hair like a horseshoe shape around the crown. Work around the horseshoe either blow-drying in a backwards direction for volume, or with heated rollers (even easier), then add a little texturising spray, like the Kérastase K Styling V.I.P. Volume in Powder, for texture." — Jordan Garrett, Hershesons

Blow-Dry Hacks: Fine Hair

how to blow dry hair: thin hair

"Fine hair tends to get weighed down by the moisture in the air, so it can look flat and limp. Just as with other hair types, you need to block out humidity if you can. Use a light leave-in conditioner on your hair in humid weather and seal the ends of the hair with a serum after blow-drying for a smooth and long-lasting finish." — Katie Allan, Charles Worthington Salons

"For fine hair, you want to really maximise body and thickness. Start by using a volumising product through the ends, like my Be Gorgeous Big It Up! Thickening Cream, and a mousse at the roots. Blast the hair at the roots with your hairdryer in the opposite direction to which it would usually sit, then use a gentle brush on the ends to smooth it out." — Phil Smith

"An easy way to fake a great blow-dry if you have fine hair is to just go straight for the heated rollers. Dry off your hair a little, add a volumising spray, then pop the rollers in while you get dressed. The longer you can leave them in the better." — Jordan Garrett, Hershesons

Blow-Dry Hacks: Curly Hair

how to blow dry hair: curly hair

"Blow-drying curly hair is just as easy as straight, especially when using a blow-drying diffuser. Add the Kérastase L'Incroyable Blow-Dry Crème to towel-dried hair, tip the hair upside down and gently scrunch into the diffuser using a medium heat. This will allow hair to dry evenly, whilst adding natural volume to thick or unruly hair." — blow LTD

"Prep the hair with a curl balm to ensure they are defined, bouncy and healthy-looking. If you don’t have a balm, a good leave-in conditioner and/or oil can give the same effect. Blow-dry the front section of the hair forwards to prevent the hair from falling into a strange or uneven parting." — Emilie Bochard, SHOW Dry

"I love keeping curly hair curly right now, so if you're going to blow-dry it, I'd say to shake a little Kérastase Nutritive Nectar Thermique through the hair to help define the curls, and then use a diffuser to go over it with heat." — Jordan Garrett, Hershesons

Blow-Dry Hacks: Afro Hair

how to blow dry hair: afro hair

"If you're smoothing out afro hair, you need a good hairdryer, and it needs to be hot. The best results always come from using a small or narrow nozzle on the end of your dryer. They amplify the pressure of the air stream, making it stronger and quicker to get a smooth finish." — Jordan Garrett, Hershesons

"When it comes to blow-drying curly, wavy or frizzy hair, the best results are achieved using a brush with natural bristles and adding tension, especially around the root area. To smooth the root use hot air only for a couple of passes over the hair, and finish it with cool air to prevent breakage." — Essi Karjalainen, D&J Ambrose

"To smooth curls or frizz, start by liberally spraying in a leave-in moisturiser, like Jo Hansford Expert Collection Protect & Shine Leave-In Conditioner. Then take a soft bristle brush and, using your hairdryer, smooth out the hair along your hairline first, before sectioning off the rest of your tresses and beginning the full blow-dry." — Frankie Moody, Jo Hansford

Blow-Dry Hacks: Long Hair

how to blow dry hair: long hair

"To dry super-long hair quickly, start your blow-dry at the nape and dry in a circular motion. Heat rises, so you’ll ensure the whole of the back of your hair is dry whilst only concentrating on one area. This will leave you with more time to personalise the rest of your blow-dry with a tong or brush." — Gareth Williams, Headmasters

"A great cheat is to blow-dry your hair before you go to bed and then put it in a loose bun on top of your head. Sleeping in the bun will give your hair a slightly undone finish and will add natural movement that lasts all day." — James Galvin, Daniel Galvin

"For an easy bouncy blow-dry, we always recommend blow-drying sections into curls and then pinning them up with setting pins to avoid kinks and to create lasting volume and bounce. Once your hair has cooled, allow the curls to fall down and run your fingers through them for a more wearable look. Finish with a light hairspray to keep it all in place." — blow LTD 

Blow-Dry Hacks: Short Hair

how to blow dry hair: short hair

"Short hair can lack oomph, so rather than drying it all in one go, create your desired parting and then, using your fingers like a brush, part your hair into sections whilst blow-drying it—you'll create more lift and volume this way." — Joe Hemmings, Bloggs Salons

"If you have a crop haircut, blast your hair in more than one direction when you're drying—this will build more body and texture. If it’s long enough, you could use a mini paddle brush through the top to smooth it out if you want a neater look. Always finish with a shine spray if you're going for polish, or work a texturising product through your hair for edge." — Phil Smith

"Shorter hairstyles look great with a relaxed texture. You can create this by using a texturising product, like KMS Hairplay Sea Salt Spray, and finger drying your hair. To do this, take control and dry your hair with your fingers rather than a brush, pulling and smoothing the hair in the direction you want to wear it." — Sam Burnett, Hare and Bone

Blow-Dry Hacks: The Fringe

how to blow dry hair: fringe

"Always concentrate on the root area of your fringe, as this is where growth patterns can cause problems, such as separating or not laying flat.

"Apply a small amount of shape control mousse or sea salt spray to your wet fringe, then dry it in the opposite direction you want it to fall in. Once it sits back on itself, you should have the perfect bend.

"Apply tension on the roots with a brush or comb to make sure you are drying it flat, then you can bend the ends with a brush or straighteners. This applies also for long jaw-length, or outgrown fringes." —Taylor Taylor London

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