A Definitive Guide for How to Blow-Dry Curly Hair

Blow drying takes a little bit of time to master. For starters, you need the right hair dryer around for your curl type and good products to accompany you to achieve the best blowout. Curly girls know what's up—you want those perfectly defined curls, volume, shine, and bounce all in one, but you don't have time to wait hours for your curls to dry. Wash 'n' go approaches don't work all the time, so this is where blow-drying curly hair comes in.

Your blow-drying method makes all the difference on your curls. We scouted out Carol’s Daughter lead hairstylist Stephanie McLemore and Diane C. Bailey, who is a celebrity stylist and SheaMoisture’s beauty ambassador, to break down exactly how to blow-dry curly hair. You’re going to want to screenshot this.