How to Blend Perfume Oils for a Totally Personal Scent

Custom fragrances have been around for years, but typically getting one made means going to a perfumer and having a professional mix you one unique scent. When that’s not an option, scent-lovers have taken up the art of perfume layering, which is tricky (mixing your two favorite scents does not guarantee a successful outcome) and only customizable to a degree (because there’s only so much you can do it before things go terribly wrong). Today, perfume aficionados have gotten wise to a similar but better option: blending pure fragrance oils. When you’ve got a collection of individual scents, you can mix and match yourself a one-of-a-kind fragrance for every day of the week (or month or year). And it’s easier than you think.

Keep reading for your foolproof guide to perfume oil blending!

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Go Rollerball

De Marne says always choose rollerballs for perfume oils because they give you a controlled application. With rollerballs, you can stop as you go, so you’ll never overdo it. She also debunked a common myth about fragrance oils—they’re not “stronger,” but they last longer. And because they are pure fragrance, you don’t need a lot. Those little rollerballs last longer than you may think. They also allow you to customize throughout the day. If you want to start your morning with a fresh blend of citrus and ocean but build up to something spicier for evening, just toss a little tube of oud in your handbag. 

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