4 Easy Ways to Beat Post-Thanksgiving Bloat

How to reduce bloating

Who doesn't love Thanksgiving? The sodium- and dairy-induced post-dinner belly bloat, though? Not so much. Whether you're planning on Black Friday shopping, reuniting with old friends, or continuing to bond with your S.O.’s family, bloating is not something you want to have to deal with after you dine. The pain, the sluggishness, the overall "blah" feeling—none of it is conducive to holiday cheer. Luckily, we’ve found some simple, proven methods to fend off excess water weight and gas to get you back to the festivities before you can say mashed potatoes.

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Drink Water

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Water, water, and more water will help to flush excess sodium out of your system. Try adding lemon to some of those eight-ounce glasses, particularly in the morning, to help with digestion and reduce the amount of salt retained in your body. Add lemon to warm water for maximum effect.

Smoothie for bloating

Skip the Dairy

Dairy is a common bloating culprit, and it runs rampant even at Thanksgiving dinner (but boy, do we love the green bean casserole and creamy potato soufflé). In the morning, skip the coffee creamer, yogurt, or cereal at breakfast, and try a smoothie instead to help you start the day on a healthy, detoxifying note. Then, limit your dairy intake at the dinner table. 

Ginger for bloating
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Get Your Ginger On

According to Tone It Up founders Katrina Hodgson and Karena Dawn, ginger is the number one ingredient for de-bloating. So whether you have ginger tea, fresh ginger juice, or make your own ginger-lime shot (to be consumed immediately after a large meal), you can turn to this spice to help calm your digestive system. (Here are five more surprisingly awesome beauty benefits of ginger.)

Sweat It Out

If you have the time, there’s nothing like getting in a good sweat to reduce bloating. According to Hodgson and Dawn, a quick workout can work wonders for uncomfortable bloating and gassiness. Whether in a hotel room or your family room, even the simplest at-home workout can help. 

This story was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.

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