4 Ways to Repattern Your Hormones in Less Than 5 Minutes


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Remember when we thought we had seen the worst of our hormones with puberty? Nope—in reality, these chemicals can be just as tumultuous as we speed along into adulthood, spelling out breakouts, an unstoppable appetite, and, above all else, stress. But it's not all bad: When in balance, our hormones help ensure that our body and mind are working optimally and in tandem—our metabolism is humming along smoothly, our skin is clear, and our mood is in check.

The tricky part, however, is knowing when our hormones are out of whack in the first place, and why. Since a ton of random factors could be potentially at play, narrowing the culprit down isn't the easiest task. But our preferred strategy is to be proactive about restoring balance, and it turns out there are a handful of exceedingly easy ways to do just that.

Keep reading to find out how to re-balance your hormones in less than five minutes.