This Makeup Artist Trick Will Make You Want to Wear Powder Foundation

model with short curly hair smiling

Courtesy of Burberry

Backstage at Burberry for the past few seasons, the focus has been on glowing skin. We all want a complexion that glows and radiates health. But for S/S 18, Burberry is championing cashmere skin, a soft matte complexion that is perfect for anyone with slightly oily skin types or those who always complain about “looking shiny.”

Cashmere skin isn’t about extremes—it’s not super matte, it’s just super wearable. And you have to agree that the models’ complexions look incredible. The secret is a powder foundation.

How to apply powder foundation
Courtesy of Burberry

First, Rowe used concealer just to hide any blemishes or redness. This look isn’t about covering the whole face—instead, it’s about strategically perfecting your complexion.

Next, she took a powder foundation and using a big, fluffy brush, she dusted the powder onto the skin just as you would bronzer. (A noteworthy departure from our typical application, which involves a sponge.) Then she dusted the product across the forehead, the cheekbones, down the nose, a little on the chin, and down the jawline and neck. 

By changing up how you apply powder foundation, it instantly transforms what is traditionally thought of as a heavy, cakey base into a light, modern take on a matte complexion. “It’s the quickest makeup you will ever do,” said Rowe. I never wear powder foundation, but this application trick is seriously making me reconsider everything.

“This is a very modern matte,” Rowe told us. It’s also not a heavy look. “This is about creating an honest representation of yourself, and you need to be okay with that. Makeup should not be a mask.”

While the models went mascara-less for the show, we say add mascara, a dusting of bronzer and a little cheek and lip tint, and you’ll be good to go. Perfect for Sunday brunch or to get you out the door looking pulled-together on a Monday morning, if you ask us.

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