Gwyneth Paltrow's Makeup Artist Has a Better Way to Apply Blush

So you hate the look of blush? It's okay. There is a solution. Sure, you could go sans cheek color altogether, but a little something does perk up your complexion, warm up your face, and generally make you look more alive. During a recent conversation with Georgie Eisdell (the makeup artist of choice for dozens of glowing-skinned celebs, including the one and only Gwyneth Paltrow), she let us in on the secret to getting all the benefits of blush, without the look of blush.

Her advice? Rather than applying blush to the apples of your cheeks, apply it to the hollows of your cheeks. This way you don't get a "blushy" look, but instead a "hint of color." Eisdell says an application like this just helps you avoid looking "flat" while also avoiding looking overdone. Genius. We tested her theory and she is indeed 100% right. Consider us converted, to the no-blush blush method. 

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