Mind Blown: The CORRECT Way to Apply Mousse to Your Hair

For whatever reason, certain habits find their way into your life, and you do them (the wrong way) until someone comes along and blows your mind. See, for example, using a bobby pin with the wavy side up (who taught us all to do that, anyway?!) and cleaning your ears with a Q-tip (no, no, no). Well, we've got a new one for you, and like with the two cases above, the correct way will actually improve your experience and give you better results: how to apply mousse to your hair. We're guessing you pump the bottle directly into your hands and spread it through your hair—right? Well, you're wrong. What we've learned from several on-set pros is that the correct way to apply mousse is to pump the product directly onto your brush and then brush your wet hair. Fascinating, right? This ensures that the product will be evenly distributed throughout your hair and there won't be clumpy pockets that get more product than others. Now that you know how to apply mousse like a pro, keep scrolling to shop five of our all-time favorites.