How to Apply Mineral Makeup

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Getting Started

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New to mineral makeup and not quite sure how to apply it? Well, then you've come to the right place. Below is an easy step by step break down of how to achieve a full face using mineral makeup, from foundation to bronzer.

To start, gather everything you will need to apply the mineral makeup, such as the foundation, mineral veil, blush, warming color or bronzer, concealer brush, all-purpose brush, and a kabuki or flat top brush. If you haven't already, you should also take the time to wash your face and prep your skin.

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Begin by Concealing

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Begin by gently shaking a little bit of foundation into the lid. If you have more than one foundation, in order to get the correct tone for your skin, simply shake all foundations into one lid. This will make both mixing and cleanup easier.

Use the concealer brush on the areas where you need a little extra coverage. Apply the mineral foundation under and around your eye area, on blemishes and dark spots, and around the base of your nose area (where your nostrils are). Use smooth and even strokes when using the concealer brush, so you get a more even finish.

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Apply Foundation

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Just as with the concealer brush, use the all-purpose brush to swirl the foundation, and then tap away the excess before applying it to your face. If you need more foundation in the lid, feel free to add more as needed. Once you have the minerals on the brush, start at the outside jaw area of ​your face and apply the mineral makeup, using a swirling motion. Work your way from the sides of your face inward and then cover your forehead, nose, eyes, chin, and mouth area. You should reapply the mineral powder to your brush 1-2 times while using the all-purpose brush.

If you would like more coverage, try using a kabuki brush. Swirl it in the foundation just like the other brushes, tap off the excess, and gently apply to your skin by using a buffing motion. Begin at the nose and inner cheek area and work your way outwards.

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Apply a Blush

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If you are applying a blush, then begin by grabbing the all-purpose brush. Lightly dip the brush into the mineral powder on the lid, swirl slightly, and tap off any excess. Next, place the brush on your cheek area where the middle of your eye sits. On most people, this is approximately where the apples of your cheeks are. To verify, smile slightly to see which area of your cheek raises up and outwards.

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Apply a Warming Color or Bronzer

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Whether you choose to use a warming color or bronzer alone or with a blush color, you will be applying it in the same fashion. Just as with the blush, you will be using the all-purpose brush. First, begin by wiping the brush clean with a dry towel or paper towel.

Next, lightly dip the brush into the mineral powder, swirl slightly, and tap off the excess. Now lightly apply the color across your cheeks and up your temples, very lightly down the center of your nose, on your chin, over your forehead (if you don't have bangs), and very lightly on your ears. Most of the time when a bronzer or warming color is applied, the ears get missed and it tends to give you an incomplete look. Finally, gently sweep the brush downward from your jaw down your neck, in order to give you a more natural look.

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Apply a Finishing Veil

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The final step of mineral makeup is the finishing veil powder. Some brands like Bare Minerals make this in a loose powder, while others offer a pressed form. Both work equally well so the choice is yours. If you are using a loose finishing veil, shake a small amount into the lid, take the all-purpose brush, swirl it in the powder, and then tap off the excess. Finishing veil powder can be used where ever you would like, in order to finish your mineral makeup application. Begin by lightly sweeping over your nose and cheek area, chin, and forehead. Finish by closing your eyes and lightly sweeping it over your lids.

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The Finished Look

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Once your makeup is complete, all you will need to do is apply your mascara and lip gloss, and go. Feel free to apply eyeshadow as well, but if you are going for a minimal and more natural look, use a neutral eyeshadow. Using mascara and lip gloss adds just the perfect amount of extra color to your completed mineral makeup look. We recommend ​L'Oreal Infallible Lipgloss, one coat of Maybelline Colossal Mascara, and Clinique Quick Eyes Cream Shadow.

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