Consider This Your Ultimate Guide to Applying Liquid Foundation

I was once an inexperienced yet passionate makeup newbie. I would order all kinds of makeup with the little babysitting money I had in order to test out different textures, finishes, and formulas. One of the very first products I ever delved into was foundation—namely cream and mousse foundations. I found these to be super simple and approachable. I would deposit some onto the back of my hand before picking it up and dabbing it onto my skin with my fingers anywhere I needed a little coverage. Like I said, it was simple. The same went for powder foundation. I would use one of the few brushes I had (or the sponge that came included in the compact) and swipe it over my T-zone, blending out toward the perimeter of my face.

Liquid foundation, however, was a little bit harder to deal with. Blame it on my lack of beauty knowledge, but I honestly couldn't make it work for my skin. No matter if I applied it with my fingers or a brush, it would look visible and streaky on my skin. Nowadays, I know this isn't an experience that's unique to me. In fact, after taking an informal poll of family and friends, it seems that liquid foundation is the most finicky of all foundation textures. Keep scrolling to see celebrity makeup artist Anton Khachaturian explain the best way to apply liquid foundation, once and for all.