Makeup Artists Reveal the Secret to Perfecting Your Liquid Eyeliner Technique



Applying certain makeup products can get quite stressful, especially if you're in a rush (which applies to me eight times out of 10, because life). Take liquid eyeliner, for example—a notorious right of passage most beauty lovers go through when practicing the art of makeup application. You could be one of the lucky ducks who picked up the skill rather quickly, but learning how to apply liquid eyeliner is far from easy. My naturally shaky hands have failed my liner many times. After successfully blending my eye shadow and concealing my brows, I've had to start the entire process all over again due to cricked liner. Le sigh. But there's hope.

We decided to take the pros up on a lesson on how to apply liquid liner. We hit up celeb makeup artists who are known for creating killer cat eyes. Ahead, find secrets from celeb makeup artists Patrick Ta, Mylah Morales, Troy Jensen, and Stoj for a play-by-play on how to achieve the most precise liner and that cool-girl flick. We're predicting nothing but perfect liner in your future.