How to Pull Off Gaga-Worthy Glitter Eye Makeup Without Making a Mess



With the '80s revival in full swing, it only seems fitting that sparkly shadows make their way back into our beauty routines. To learn how to embrace this not-so-subtle eye makeup trend without looking like an art project gone awry, we reached out to a bevy of makeup artists for their tips on how to apply glitter eye shadow.

Sure, glitter shadow might be synonymous with our preteen days, but the shimmery eye makeup trend of the present is entirely different than the globbed-on glitter looks of our past. Think fresh and minimal with just a hint of sparkle à la Delpozo F/W 17. So just how do we create this chic glitter eye look that has been taking the beauty scene by storm? By keeping it "controlled and clean with no fallout," says Honey Artists makeup artist Robert Greene.

For step-by-step instructions from the pros on how to apply glitter eye shadow, keep on reading.