How to Wear Foundation and Look Natural

Makeup is a magical thing, but when it comes to foundation, most of us are applying product to even out skin tone or cover up a blemish. Looking like we are wearing a ton of makeup isn’t usually the goal. Pro tips courtesy of Refinery29 show us how to create that natural finish while avoiding the dreaded cake face. Turns out it’s less about the product and more about the application order. While it might be tempting to wait until after you’ve applied foundation to see if you need to spot-treat with concealer, it’s way better to tend to blemishes and bags on a blank canvas. Same goes for blush. Say what, now? While it sounds like applying blush and then covering it up with concealer would negate the point by camouflaging the color, beauty experts weighed in, explaining that this technique creates “a natural-looking flush.” Note: This rule works best with a cream blush like RMS lip2cheek ($36). For the step-by-step skinny on how to apply natural-looking makeup, head over to Refinery29.


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