How to Apply False Lashes Like a Makeup Artist

We're always envious of Hollywood's imposssibly long and voluminous lashes (Katy and Rosie, we're looking at you). And though our favorite celebs are incredibly blessed in the genetics department, many have the same normal-girl lash woes that we dothe difference being they have the help of pro makeup artists (and their accompanying arsenals of mascaras and falsies) at their beck and call. So, amid our constant (and often futile) attempts to channel their craveworthy flutter, we couldn't be more excited for this video in which Monika Blunderthe makeup maven whose clients include Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, and Kate Bosworthpartnered up with lash specialist Sarah Maxwell to dish about everything and anything we ever wanted to know about lashes. From natural lashes to falsies (psst! the two love these lashes by Kiss, BTW), the duo has it covered. Watch the video to get the in-depth scoop!

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