The Easiest Way for Thin-Haired Girls to Get Tons of Volume


Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

When you have fine hair, it's difficult to keep your hair from going flat. Curls start out looking great in the a.m., only to lose their shape by noon. So what's a fine-haired girl to do? We learned the trick to easy-to-achieve, lasting volume backstage before the Mara Hoffman presentation—and now we're sharing the goods with you.

1. The shampoo and conditioner you use is important. Tresemmé stylist Tyler Laswell recommends using the brand's newest launch, Beauty-Full Volume Shampoo ($7) and Pre-Wash Conditioner ($5). It's a reverse-wash system that's specifically designed to give you soft, touchable volume through the washing process. You're meant to use the pre-wash conditioner first, and follow up the shampoo afterward. The formulas set the foundation for a voluminous look without weighing down your hair.

2. Cocktail a volumizing spray and mousse (Laswell used Tresemmé's Beauty-Full Volume Hair Maximizer, $5, and Tresemmé's Beauty-Full Volume Mousse, $5), and apply it to damp hair in small sections to ensure that they product is evenly distributed.

3. Blow dry your hair with a diffuser using your fingers to lift the roots. 

4. Once dry, create a clean center part using a comb, and begin curling your hair in small sections with a 3/8-inch curling iron (Laswell advises using Hot Tools's Micro-Mini 3/8" Curling Iron, $26). Yes, that’s the smallest possible curling iron. It’s so tiny! It creates a really tight curl with serious staying power. Hold the curling iron vertically, wrapping each section of hair toward your face.

5. Once your hair is curled apply a super-hold gel (Laswell suggests Tresemmé's Tres Two Mega Firm Gel, $15) over both sides of your part at the roots. Then, blow-dry the gel to create a high-sheen finish and set the look.

6. Finish by misting a volumizing hair spray (Laswell used Tresemmé's Beauty-Full Volume Hairspray, $5) all over your hair. Work the hairspray through each section with your fingers, stretching out and fluffing the curls to add extra volume and texture.

And there you have it! Now you can stay on-trend, channel Jerry Hall, and keep your hair from going flat all at the same time.

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