Shop: How to Achieve Healthier-Looking Lips



Can buying a beauty product solve all your problems? Maybe not—but we know full well how powerful a brand-new lipstick (or perfume, or serum) can make us feel. With that in mind, we present to you our new Shop series—a carefully curated collection of all the buzziest beauty products to feast your eyes on, maybe lighten your wallet with, and definitely feel great about. Our market editors will be scouring the interwebs and our favorite retailers to bring you the noteworthiest new beauty gems before you see them everywhere else. So go ahead and shop—you deserve it.

Cold weather is officially on its way, and while a dry, wrinkled pout may come with the winter territory, there's no reason your lips should stay that way. After all, a dull, wrinkled pout makes a rough canvas for lipsticks or glosses. Think beyond just a good moisturizer and a heavy-duty exfoliator, and shop the best-sourced lip masks, oils, and scrubs for smooth, youthful-looking lips now. 


This hydrating and nourishing mask gives you healthier lips overnight. 


This influencer-approved mask gives softer, suppler lips while you clock eight hours (or less). 


This innovative lip serum supports natural collagen and micro-circulation for younger-looking, fuller lips.


This eco-friendly exfoliating formula is organic, non-GMO, and made with wild ingredients, leaving your lips super soft.


Not only does this nourishing lip conditioner have a pleasant rose scent, but it also leaves a subtle nude finish for the perfect everyday gloss.


Need to restore dry lips fast? Opt for these hydrogel patches that give serious results in as little as five minutes.


Protect your lips with this unique formula that minimizes evidence of sun damage and wrinkles for a smoother and firmer overall look and feel. 


GlamGlow is our go-to for exfoliating masks, and its lip treatment is no different. This fizzy (yes, it fizzes) lip treatment sloughs away at dead, dull skin for super-smooth lips.


We love this antioxidant-rich formula that makes your lips super soft on the go.


A great alternative to fillers and implants, 111Skin's Meso Infusion lip duo contains a mask and balm that work together to deliver your fullest and most youthful-looking pout. 


This two-in-one formula offers SPF 50 eye protection and an SPF 30–infused balm for instant hydration and protection against UVA and UVB rays.


Gently buff away dry skin with Fresh's brown sugar crystals while also conditioning your chapped lips with jojoba oil and shea butter.


Plump and deliver better definition to your lips with this moisturizing and volumizing balm.


This velvety balm delivers buildable color with a subtle matte finish. 


We swear by this lip-and-body balm for cooling and nourishing relief on dry, dull skin instantly.