Behind the Scenes of How Your Drugstore Shampoo Is Made

I don't know about you, but whenever I see a bottle of shampoo sitting on a drugstore shelf, the product seems so carefully manufactured, so fixed in its place, that I never stop to think about the human beings or real-life processes that go into its making. Even as a beauty editor, I almost envisioned the process of creating a drugstore shampoo as so automatic that living people weren't even involved. This was my impression until spring of this year when Unilever's newly released drugstore haircare brand ApotheCare Essentials invited me (and a few other beauty editors) to its lab in Liverpool, England, to witness the entire process of how its four shampoo formulas are made. 

For two days, I suited up in a lab coat, goggles, hair net, and (hilariously oversized) safety footwear, rolled up my sleeves, and played cosmetic chemist to learn about the real-life people and steps that go into making a drugstore shampoo. Of course, not every line of affordable haircare is formulated this way; but, if you're interested in a behind-the-scenes look at how a major drugstore shampoo lab works, keep on scrolling. 

This trip was paid for by ApotheCare Essentials. Editor's opinions are her own.