New Year, Fresh Start: How to Streamline Your Beauty Routine in 2015

The beautiful thing about January is that it provides the opportunity to push the restart button. Just like your mind, body, and that one junk closet that's really disorganized, your beauty routine deserves to reap the benefits of a new-year-inspired overhaul. We rounded up the best tips for streamlining and simplifying your beauty routine, so keep reading!

  • Take stock: gather up all of the beauty products in your home into one place so you can take stock of what you've actually got on hand. This will prevent you from making unnecessary duplicative purchases, say, of lip balm or lotion you didn't realize you had three kinds of already. Toss anything that has an expiration date that's expired, and use our handy guide to assess and determine what has passed its shelf life and needs to be replaced. Except for nail polish, throw away anything you haven't used in the last year. 
  • Organize: You don't use what you can't find (for example, when you'd like to use that cool eyeliner you bought but have absolutely no idea where in the house it is), and you are also less inclined to use things you can't see or access easily: Out of sight, out of mind. This isn't to say your mascara collection has to take up prime surface real estate in your home, but an organized medicine cabinet, vanity, and general makeup collection will make your life so much easier. You will be more inspired to reach for things than you would be if products are a jumbled mess in some drawer, and it will save you time when getting ready. Be sure to designate a clear spot to store the sample packets and freebies you accumulate over the months, so you know where to go when you need travel-sized products, lest they go unused. Read our top tips and tricks for makeup organization here and here
  • Resolve: Make beauty resolutions about looks, products, fundamentals and features you want to try out and focus on in 2015—then plan how and when you'll try them. Executing beauty looks and perfecting the basics (like masterful concealing) takes practice, and, especially when trying something for the first time, a little bit of time. Look at the year ahead and the various events and occasions you've got on the calendar and resolve to do something different for them than the same old same old. Are you a guest at any upcoming weddings? Use them as an opportunity to try a bold lip color you've been meaning to test out  on yourself (oxblood, true red, marsala, hot pink, for example). Have an upcoming party? Plan to spend some time beforehand working on your smoky eye with a tutorial. Have you always wanted to try out eyelash extensions? Think about scheduling a session around Valentine's Day, or any date or anniversary when you want to feel especially flirty. Check out our handy "how-to" section here, for everything from metallic eyes and sleek French twists, to graphic liner and applying cream blush like a pro. 
  • Evaluate: Check in with yourself and your product accumulation every few months, so that things never get too disorganized and so that you don't waste products before they get too close to their shelf life. 


How do you keep your beauty routine in tip-top shape? Share your tricks below!