The One Go-To Workout 6 Doctors Have in Common

Updated 06/07/17
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When it comes to health recommendations, we're obviously all ears for what doctors prescribe, especially when they themselves follow suit. From healthy eating plans to unhealthy foods you should avoid, their lifestyle habits give us insight into how those who care for our well-being care for themselves. Though doctors recommend regular exercise to keep our bodies functioning optimally and in good shape, what we don't always get insight into is how they prefer to break a sweat.

MindBodyGreen had a list of doctors spill their go-to exercises, and there was one particular workout that six of them had in common. While popular exercise activities like brisk walking, weightlifting, and running all made the list, the most popular doctor-approved exercise was yoga.

"I practice yoga daily even if it's just for a few minutes, and I make it to an hourlong class three times per week if I'm lucky—although since having a baby, time has been tight!" says Robin Berzin, MD, founder of Parsley Health. "Yoga for me is everything because it has the benefit of both being a workout and relaxing my busy mind at the same time." Ilene Ruhoy, MD, founder of the Center for Healing Neurology, runs three to four times per week and takes hot yoga classes in between. "Hot yoga in infrared heat is a great detox of the muscles," she says.

"Plus yoga maintains flexibility to keep injuries away." Sara Gottfried, MD, author of Younger, says she begins every day with yoga and meditation for 30 minutes and recommends "two to three hours of exercise per day for robust health and to trick the brain into thinking we're growing younger!"

So however you choose to break a sweat, you're reaping healthful benefits—but yoga seems to be a method that's a favorite of doctors. Share your go-to workout with us in the comments.

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