How Do I Find a Threading Salon Near Me?

close-up of eyebrows


Eyebrow threading has become a more popular method of shaping your brows in recent years. Many salons are offering this detailed service that caters specifically to your wants when it comes to your own eyebrow shape.

The Basics of Threading

For those of you who don't know what threading is, let us explain. It's an ancient hair removal technique that uses thread to uplift hair from the root. A thread, that's often made of cotton, is pulled along the hair in a twisting motion that traps hair in what can be described as a mini lasso.

It's mostly used on the face to get rid of hair on the sides of the face, cheeks, and chin. Threading is a huge favorite for the eyebrows because it's ultra quick, doesn't use any chemicals and has a cult following for those who say that no other method other than threading can get their eyebrows shaped into perfection.

Now let's get back to finding this method nearby. Here are some tips to help:

Getting Creative in Your Search

Do a basic online search. Do a search by going on to google and put in [threading your city, your state ]. Khite is another name for threading. Also try searching [khite your city, your state ]. Be sure to use the brackets in your search. The brackets help narrow down the results of finding threading in your area, rather than just general information on this hair removal technique.

If you can't find anything close by, try a search for [brow bar your city, your state]. Brow bars specifically focus on eyebrow shaping and may offer this ancient hair removal with the string along with waxing and or sugaring.

Check your local mall. Many malls have kiosks or small storefronts where they offer only threading. Check the mall's website or simply call and ask.​
Try ethnic markets. Seek out your local Middle Eastern or Indian grocery stores. There are a lot of women that provide threading out of their home that may advertise in the stores. Go there personally, or call them and ask if they know of anyone they can recommend.
Go to a threading directory. A list of threading salons is also available through Spa Index which provides locations throughout the world. Simply click on your country, and the area or state.
Try Craigslist. Go to your state and closest city and choose the 'beauty' link under the services heading. Salons, brow bars or people who do threading often will advertise there. To narrow your search, simply type 'threading' in the search bar.

Can't Find Anything Yet?

If you're having a difficult time finding something close by, you could try to do this at home. And while searching for videos on YouTube and practicing is an option, there is another. The Helix Thread Ease ​is an affordable tool that allows you to thread at home on yourself without having to actually learn the technique. It's best to use for removing hair from your face rather than trying to shape your brows with it.

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