How Cream Blush Can Change Your Face

Before Oscar de la Renta’s spring runway show in New York City last fall, makeup artist Gucci Westman was practically cradling what she called her “new favorite baby.” Westman, the Global Artistic Director of Revlon, had spent almost a year developing the brand’s new Baby Sticks: chubby little sticks of sheer, layerable blush. “Just look at that texture,” she gushed. “All of the models’ cheeks are perfectly done--that never happens. It’s so easy to do too much and any other texture would have been so hard to work with.” True, the best part about cream blush is the effortlessness with which it blends into the skin, creating the most natural flush you can fake. That some formulas lend a glow, others stay all day, and still others pull double duty as lip gloss is just one more reason to read on for our favorites.