How Beauty Editors Wear Their Makeup to Work

Due to the mass of beauty products that cross our desks each day (hey, we're not complaining) and the volume of artists and influencers we've questioned about their best makeup tips and tricks, you'd think that perfectly winged eyeliner and expertly contoured cheekbones are on our daily beauty agenda. But that's certainly not the case. Like for most busy New York City– and Los Angeles–based 20-somethings, sometimes a quick swipe of this and a dusting of that is all we can muster up. But in terms our usual looks, it's certainly not Instagram-level makeup either—just whatever makes us feel confident.

What's also interesting (but not too surprising) is that we each have very different signature office looks. For instance, I like to wear a full face of makeup every day (even when I'm running late, which probably contributes to my lateness, if we're being honest) while Deven likes to keep her look a bit simpler and quick. To read about each of our looks along with the tried-and-true makeup products we swear by, keep scrolling!

What's your signature office makeup look? Tell us below!