Calling All Brides: You Need to Know About This Primer

Updated 01/28/18
Hourglass veil mineral primer review

Getting married or know someone who is? You need to know this tip. On the big day everyone wants their makeup to look great IRL as well as in photos. You also don't want to be on constant makeup watch. When my colleague Hannah Almassi, editorial director of Who What Wear, got married this summer her makeup artist had given her one piece of advice: Invest in Hourglass's Veil Mineral Primer (£55) and the Ambient Lighting Powder (£40). The duo apparently works hard to fix your makeup in place and keep you shine-free all day.

I figured that a real wedding scenario in sunny Spain was as good a place as any to test-run this tip. Thankfully Almassi obliged and reported back on how the products shaped up. Keep scrolling to find out how the duo stacked up.

"My best friend kindly did my makeup for my wedding day," Almassi told me. "She knows better than anyone that I'm really not into wearing foundation, or much more than mascara on any given day (even the important ones), but there was one piece of advice that she did stress: Invest in Hourglass's primer and powder. I followed her wise words because she's trustworthy like that, and I'm so happy I did.

"These particular products are often recommended for brides, and when you see the photographs following my nuptials (during a very hot evening in Spain, no less), you can see the miracle at work—I wasn't shiny! At all! My skin looked fresh but matte and more flawless than it ever has done in my entire life. So where I didn't care for a face full of makeup, this was a game changer. As it's admittedly a pricey combination, I passed it onto my two friends who tied the knot after me, and they've both fed back, unsurprisingly, with the same positive result."

Hourglass veil mineral primer review
Eloy Munoz
Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer $55
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder $40

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