The Makeup Palette That's "Selling Like Hotcakes," According to Sephora Insiders

We can always depend on Sephora employees to clue us into products and secrets we might not have already picked up on ourselves, about as much as the fact that we can never leave the store without spending a significant percentage of our paycheck. (The two are definitely related.) But this insider intel is especially pertinent at this time of year, as we craft our own wish lists, abide by others', and generally negotiate the retail madness of the holiday season. 

And we have to h/t to Into the Gloss for clueing us into this latest gem: An editor was making a recent Sephora run when a sales associate revealed that a certain limited-edition makeup palette had been doing particularly gangbusters in the retail department—thanks in part to the fact that it contains "the perfect blush." And it's just as well since it happens to be a current favorite of ours as well. Keep scrolling to see what it is!

Well, Hourglass certainly is consistent: For those looking for a universally flattering, impossibly luminescent glow—and we're judging you just a little if you aren't—all of the brand's Ambient Lighting palettes really nail that "I'm wearing the Snapchat pretty filter IRL" aesthetic. It also helps that the palettes themselves are pretty to look at, too—and for their limited-edition Surreal palette, Hourglass has extended the marbleized look from the powders to the casing that contains them. Speaking for all packaging snobs, this makes for an ideal gift, especially if your recipient is the "doin' it for the 'gram" type. Just saying.

The catch (beyond the fairly steep price tag) is that it won't be around for long—if not for the fact that it's limited-edition, then because it's apparently selling like crazy. Besides, do we really need to beg you to pay a visit to your local Sephora?

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