5 Workouts for People Who Travel 24/7


Sure, barre classes and spinning sessions are wonderful, but when you’re living out of hotel rooms and airports, your workout options are rather limited. Nonetheless, sitting in uncomfortable airplane seats for hours on end and catching subpar sleep on an unsupportive hotel mattress is sure to leave anyone aching for a decent workout—one that revitalizes, refreshes, and energizes your entire body and one that can be done in small spaces. It sounds like a tall order, but such a workout does exist. In fact, we found five.

Plus, since we know it can sometimes feel slightly difficult to get the motivation up to workout while you're traveling (be it for work or pleasure), we did our best to find five hotel room–friendly workouts that are both fun and effective. So you can get your sweat on and out of the way lickety-split. Sounds good, no? Scroll through for five hotel room workouts that were made for people who travel 24/7.

Total Body Tone

Hit all of the major muscle groups in your hotel room workouts without picking up a single hand weight (or any equipment, for that matter). All of the exercises are compound movements to make your workout super efficient. 

Energizing Glow Yoga

When you wake up stressed, jet-lagged, or just plain exhausted, take a deep breath and flow through this energizing yoga routine in your hotel room. It's perfect for beginners, but you can definitely customize it to your experience level and workout preference. 

The Calorie-Burner

Think it's impossible to get a decent cardio workout in a teeny-tiny room? Think again. As long as you have enough room to do a push-up, you can torch major calories with this cardio workout routine. 

Full-Body Yoga

When you can't make it into the studio but you don't want your yoga body to suffer, this is the next best option. It's a no-nonsense routine that features all the best toning moves yoga has to offer. 

No-Equipment-Necessary CrossFit

Generally, CrossFit involves a serious dumbbell and barbell situation, but for the strength-training junkies who just can't stay away from their favorite workouts while on the road, there's this hotel room–perfect video. Not a CrossFit devotee? Don't worry; there are variations for every experience level.

This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated. 

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