18 Hot Pink Nail Designs That Bring Barbiecore to Your Fingertips

Neutral elongated manicure with abstract hot pink nail design


Blame Barbiecore. From how we wear our hair (hello, Barbie ponytail) to our closets (you know it’s serious when Valentino is in on the trend), Barbie everything is everywhere, and the biggest, boldest part of the phenomenon is hot pink everything. We’re talking from your fingers to your toes—literally. Hot pink nail designs have taken over our tips.

To help you nail the trend, we’ve rounded up the hottest pink manis from all over the internet. Even better, we’re spilling details on how to get each look. Scroll through for 18 hot pink nail designs to brighten up your mani.

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Beautiful Borders

Baby pink manicure with hot pink nail design around border of each nail


Think of it as a picture frame for your manicure. Nabbing the look is a cinch. First polish your nails in a baby pink, then use a dotting tool to draw on the border in a hot pink hue.

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Pink Swirls

Manicure with light, dark, and hot pink swirls and layered hearts


Negative space manis mean you can stretch the style an extra week, and with a look this sweet, you’ll want to do just that. Grab a dotting tool and paint on swirls in a few shades of pink, ranging from a pale shade to a hot hue. Get creative and let each nail be a little different. Did we mention the heart in the center is perfect for Valentine’s Day?

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Gold Stars

French manicure with pastel, fuchsia, and baby hot pink tips with gold star accents


Shine like a star with this elegant, fun take on the French manicure. Keep the base neutral, and try an array of pastel, fuchsia, and hot pink shades on the tips. Finish with the gold stars—this design was created with chrome powder, but you can also try some celestial stickers like these ($7) from Amazon.

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Cutesy Camouflage

Pink manicure with camouflage pastel and hot pink nail design


Move over, olive green—it's time to put a new spin on camo with some pink flair. Start by painting your nails with a baby pink base, then add the camouflage pattern in three or four brighter, deeper shades.

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Tortoise Vibes

Manicure with alternating tortoise patterned and hot pink nails


Not looking to paint every single nail hot pink? No problem. Alternating the shade with a tortoise design creates a look that's both playful and classic.

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To A Point

Long, pointed translucent hot pink nail design


Sometimes it’s not just the color that counts—it’s also the shape. Pointed to perfection, the silhouette of these hot pink nails is a standout for sure.

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Modern French Mani

French manicure with red-tinged hot pink tips and chunky rings


French manicures are the ultimate in classic nail art. Put a trendy spin on the eternal favorite by painting your tips hot pink. The simple nail design is sure to pop.

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Rose Buds

Hot pink acrylic nails with sculpted 3D rose designs


A rose by any other name would smell as sweet as these adorable yet sultry tips. Nail artist Angel created these roses by hand by sculpting them from custom-made acrylic powder. Swipe through here to see the process before your eyes.

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Blinged-Out Coffin Nails

French manicure with hot pink coffin tips and various sized clear gems


Take your hot pink French mani to the next level with extended coffin tips and bold gems to top it off. It's simultaneously glam and totally wearable.

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Vertical Ombré

Red to hot pink vertical ombre nail design


Ombré nails typically take the pattern horizontally, but this takes a unique turn by doing the pattern vertically. Hot pink subtly fades into a cherry red for a cheery spin.

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Love Letters

Pink manicure with red and hot pink letters and heart designs


Talk about reading the fine print: A mani is the perfect place to send a message. Paint your nails in a light pink base, then add red and hot pink letters conveying your desired word or phrase across the entire manicure.

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Glass Bubbles

Long transparent hot pink manicure with glass bubbles design


There’s more than one way to do a bubbly look—a textural touch will make any mani 3D. In this case, glass bubbles brought this hot pink nail design to life.

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Flaming Hot

Baby pink flaming coffin nails with hot pink border nail design


Get two nail trends for the price of one—flames and hot pink nail designs—with this fiery look. The beauty of flames is they work with practically any color, so you can pump up the heat on the hot pink hue.

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Abstract Art

Long square-shaped manicure with abstract hot pink nail design


Make a wearable statement by adding some abstract hot pink splotches to a neutral base. It's a stunning way to dip your fingertips into Barbie territory.

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Pink Polka Dots

Woman holds back of braided ponytail, showing off hot pink polka dotted manicure


Seeing spots? This style is easier to recreate than it looks. Simply paint on a base of hot pink, then use a dotting tool to pop on pastel polka dots plus any other design you like—these ribbons pay a meaningful yet subtle tribute to breast cancer awareness.

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Leopard Print

Hot pink leopard print nail design and matching face mask


It’s a jungle out there. Take leopard print out of neutral territory with a hot pink twist. It’s giving major Lisa Frank vibes.

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Matte Neon Pink

Matte neon hot pink manicure


Hot pink nails typically have a high-shine glossy finish, so do an unexpected take by going matte. Stealing the look is easy: Just painting on a matte topcoat will do the trick.

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Red and Hot Pink Swirl

Manicure with swirled red and hot pink nail design


Hot pink and red may be bold color choices, but they're close enough to each other that they can add a subtlety to a design as a pair. These abstract swirls are fun yet soft, making them much more versatile than they first appear.

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