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Why Everyone is Going Bronde

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The Beauty of Bronde

A really great bronde head of hair could be described as blonde or brunette—the difference is almost imperceptible. Think Olivia Palermo or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. But, the hair color was first made popular back in 2007 by supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

It doesn't feel too drastic; it's a low-maintenance way to update your look for the new season. Bronde hair has to be the perfect winter shade: For brunettes, a smattering of blonde, especially placed around the face, can help give a sallow winter complexion a boost. Whereas on blonde hair, the darker tones will add some warmth, which looks seriously flattering this time of year.

But to get it right, you need to know what to ask for at the salon, which is why we've enlisted the expertise of colorist Amy Fish, who is based at the Larry King salon. Fish is a fan of bronde: "It's a great look for brunettes who want to become brighter, and also first-timers who want to start experimenting with color," she says. "Perfect for blondes, it tones down that beachy vibe. It's a meet-in-the-middle, low-commitment color that I love so much. Think of it as bronzing the hair!"

Tempted? Keep scrolling for bronde hair inspiration and Fish's expert advice.

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Get That Perfect Shade

Olivia Palermo

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There are various bronde techniques, including painting chunks of hair all around the head. Some colorists paint only the sections along the face to help brighten the face and make eyes pop.

The key to bronde is to add dimension and depth to your hair color, and the way to that is to add several shades of color. To get perfect, sun-kissed color, your stylist should use at least two different color lifting creams.

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Keep Your Color Fresh

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To care for your hair color, Fish recommends using a sulfate-free shampoo or, if you can't live without foaming agents, try a shampoo formulated for blonde hair color. We recommend Kerastase Reflection Bain Miroir.

"But don't overuse your silver shampoo," Fish says. "Bronde hair looks better with warmer tones."

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Style However You Want

Jessica Alba

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While Pinterest shows bronde hair on long, flowing hair, Fish says anyone can pull off the look, no matter their hair length.

"It is best to color hair bronde with the movement of your natural hair texture, or the way you normally wear your hair. It can be worn straight or tonged, and curly hair can be made bronde too—you just need to let your colorist know how you usually style your hair during your consultation. Even pixie cuts can support a little piece of bronde."

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Moisturize Your Strands


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While looking after bronde hair is pretty easy, Fish does recommend a moisturizing treatment to keep hair from becoming brittle.

"It's a low-maintenance hair color, so there's no commitment. I would, however, recommend a gloss shine treatment every six to eight weeks to keep your bronde hair looking the best it can be."

But, if you grow tired of your color, bronde grows out beautifully without looking like you haven't been the salon in months.

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