How a Celebrity Esthetician, Nutritionist, and Makeup Artist Solved My Breakouts



Up until college, I had great skin. Aside from an occasional blemish in high school, I never gave my skin much thought. And then, at the stroke of midnight, the night before my freshmen year of college, it’s almost as if my skin (in a ghastly act of mockery) rebelled with the pent-up angst it had apparently been harboring for 18 years. All of a sudden, I was routinely getting angry red pimples on my chin and forehead and had a dusting of small white bumps to accent them. To me, it almost felt like a premeditated attack.

Over the years, my acne has ebbed and flowed. Sometimes my skin is completely clear, and other times I look like a pubescent teen who perpetually forgets to take her makeup off before bed. What’s frustrating, is that my skin seems to have a mind of its own. Now, at 24 years old, I’m on top of my skincare routine. I never fall asleep without taking my makeup off. I eat a healthy diet, exercise, drink water—basically everything anyone ever tells you to do to obtain, glowing, healthy, pimple-free skin.

So when my skin (particularly my chin and jawline) hit a record-high low this fall, I found myself ready to throw my hands up in mercy. I was bending over backward to appease a complexion that only seemed satisfied to worsen in retaliation. So what’s a girl to do? Call in the experts, of course. Despite the fact that acne and oily skin are usually associated with the awkward days of puberty, there are so many adult women who experience frustrating bouts of hormonal acne too. (FYI: If you tend to break out along the chin and jawline, hormones are likely the culprit.) So to cover all of my bases, I asked three different experts for their help. Keep reading to see what a celebrity nutritionist, esthetician, and makeup artist have to say about stubborn hormonal acne.